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Amy Lee, 2000 
Amy Lee

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Amy hamming it up

Like Mother, like daughter.

A Maui Xmas

Amy hamming it up for the photographer.  1999

Amy trying to be just like her mom ....

" if I like concentrate REALLY hard, this box will have keys to a new Ferrari!"  2000

Amy meets the head rat


What IS the relationship between Mickey and Minnie, anyways?

Amy meets the head rat.  1998

The Cap has his own special way of insuring that guests behave.  1998

Amy also got to meet
Mrs. Rat.  1998

Life in Paradise!

Another Maui Sunset

Snorkeling at Molikini!

Working hard in Paradise! 2000

Amy ponders the end of another day in paradise...  2000

This water is so murky!
Molikini Crater, 2000

Headed out for prom night!

Amy and family

Amy and Cesar just before heading out

Amy and friends getting ready for the big prom.  2001

Amy and her mom, brother, and Cesar.  2001

Amy and Cesar.  2001

Ain't these glasses COOL?

Anybody got a sardine key?

The official prom photo

The prom girls vamping
for the camera.  2001

Getting ready to hit the town! 2001

The official prom photo.

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