The Oakes Honeymoon



In what some are calling the longest wedding process ever,
Carrie and Bill finally got around to their honeymoon in December.  They spent
their first week in Kaua'i, then spent the next three in Maui.
Here's some
of their favorite moments....
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Marriott Kaua'i

Marriott Kaua'i

THIS is the way to fly....

The casual, homey
ambience of the Marriott.

Carrie checks out the
drawbridge over the moat.

Looks like someone lost
their helicopter....

In a private clearing in the middle of nowhere...VERY cool!

Kaua'i Coffee Plantation

Private waterfall

Sounds like a great excuse
for a joyride!
Carrie kept trying to get the
copter to set down in the
middle of this field...not sure

Everyone needs one of
these as a gimmick to get
you to

go on their helicopters ...

Jurassic Park Jeep Ride

That's uh...non-alcoholic...yeah...dat's it!

Cool sculpture!

Flying over the road from
T. Rex's meal in Jurassic
Watching a Maui Sunset at
the Maui Sunset....
Xmas eve w/Wyland,
showing off his latest.

VERY cool sculpture!

Hanging out with da man....

Bow totally knarly, dude!

Bill and Carrie now own
AP#5 :-)

A congratulatory pose
(right after he collected my

A pod of several hundred
dolphins leading the way.

A Toast!

Look what I found!


Carrie celebrating her
100th dive!
Bill exiting the rough seas. A humpback shows how
a dive is SUPPOSED to

Our last day on Maui...

It's a rough job, but SOMEBODY'S gotta watch these guys play to make 'em feel good...

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