Bill's ISO
Vroom Vroom!

Bill's ISO (Incredibly Significant Other), fair maiden, and wife (not to mention,  PADI Master Scuba Diver -
the highest possible ranking for recreational SCUBA diving!),
Carrie Oakes, is the woman he worships.  She is a pretty awesome lady, albeit
w/godawful taste in men (but that works for Bill).


Travels with Carrie

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'course, that barrel makes a mighty fine glass too!

You lookin' at me?

Hmmm....I wonder if there's any chardonnay underneath this cover?

Here they are visiting Beringer's
Winery in Napa.

Getting ready to hit the water in 
Grand Cayman! 

Sitting at her favorite winery,
Buena Vista in Sonoma.

Parrothead in Paradise!

He's so cuuuuuuute!

Carrie and her brick.

"I lead SUCH a rough life!"

Carrie picking out lunch at the Cayman Turtle Farm.

Carrie on Xmas Day '98,
doin' the Disney thang.

Lessee...two months till harvest, two years to ferment...then it's mine...all mine!

This is soooooo cool!

Sit! Stay!

Here they are at Mondavi Winery in Napa

Checking out the kelp forests in Monterey Bay

Carrie at Stingray City,
Grand Cayman - getting
up close and personal w/the natives.

Carrie, Steve, Eric, and the Presidents Award

The Presidents Award Dinner Menu

Hanging out at the champayne cellars

In 1998, Carrie won Novell's
President's Award, due to her
incredible work at Novell.  The
award included MUCHO
stock options, a dinner, a
HUGE trophy, and meeting Steve Young.

Novell went all out making the
Presidents Award winners feel
special.  Held at the Silicon Valley
Capital Club, it included a
GREAT menu, Steve Young, and
an autographed football by same.

Carrie at Domaine Chandon, Napa Valley.


Damn I'm good looking!

Can we stay? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Carrie tees off on one of the holes
with the WORST possible view in
Maui.  2000

Carrie doing what comes naturally...looking good. 
REALLY good.  2000

Amy has an epiphany...
she now "gets" why her
mom loves Hawaii.  
Maui, 2000

Catalina Island

Leaving the Wrigley Mansion

Ain't we cute? Well, her, anyways....

Looking out over Avalon and Casino Point.  Catalina Island, 2001

Leaving the Wrigley (yes, THAT
Wrigley) Mansion.  Catalina Island, 2001

On top of Catalina (and the world).  2001

Not sure which one is hotter!

Carrie and Vickie posing away!

Now THAT'S a beautiful woman!

Hot babe on a hot bike!
Hollister, 2001

Carrie and her good friend Vickie trying to drain a keg.  2001

THIS is a gorgeous babe!

Beautiful babe at the Golden Gate!

mmm mmmm GOOD!

Jimmy, getting held down by his sisters to get the leg iron clamped on.

Carrie at the Golden Gate Bridge
on a VERY rare sunny summer day.  2001

Lucky grapes!  2001

Jimmy, Missy, and my ISO
on Jimmy's wedding day.  1997

Damn I look good!

STILL doing what she does best!

DEFINITELY this is what she does best!

B&W of Carrie doing what
she does best.  1998

Continuing to be drop dead gorgeous!  1998

Yep...looking mighty good!

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