Nathan's Home Page
Nathan - 2001 
Nathan is Mr. Jock and
Mr. Videogamer - depending
on the time of day.

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Ya big rodent!

1998 Photo

Mighty carnivorous looking!

Nathan and da rat, June 1997

Nathan - Mr. Baseball.

'course, he's Mr. Basketball
too!  1998

Nathan and his disney brick

She likes me...she really likes me!

It's mine I tell you! All mine!

Nathan and his brick
at Disney FL, Xmas 1998

and w/Mrs. Rat, June 1997

Nathan and his fantasy, September 1996.

Nathan and his Stance

Malibu Grand Prix, Redwood City, CA

There's...there's...there's FISH down there!

Nathan at camp...STANCE.

Nathan somehow gets the impression that he's a relative of Mario Andretti.
What's up with that?  2000

Definitely someone who's slated to become a diver.  Makena Beach, 2000.

Hanging out on the LKRR!

School Pic '99

Yet he looks so innocent!

Hanging out on "my" railroad, the Lahaini Kaanapali RR.  2000

1999 School Picture

Nathan's PADI
Skin Diver  picture.  2000 THIS is the life!

Sailing, sailing, sailing the ocean blue....


Hanging out on the bluffs over Ano Nuevo Reserve, 2001

Getting to captain a friends fishing boat off of Half Moon Bay.  2001

2000 School Picture

Nate wins!

Nate moves up a belt

School pic 2005

Nate winning 2005 Utah State Tournament

Nate receives his blue belt.  2005

2005 School Picture

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