Triton Images - The Company
"bringing a bit of magic to stock photography"

Triton Images, based in Half Moon Bay, CA, specializes in stock underwater photography, dive instruction, and underwater photography instruction.  It is owned by Bill Oakes.

Bill uses Nikon and Sony professional photography and video equipment.

Land equipment now consists of a Nikon D80 with a Nikkor 18-200 VR primary lens, with a Nikkor 70-300mm ED and Nikkor 18-70mm ED lens as secondary, and finally, for P&S, a Sony T-50.

Water equipment consists of a pair of Sony HC3 cameras, mounted in a Light and Motion Bluefin housing with HID lights. The HC3 is an HD video camera (streaming to tape), but also takes 4mp still shots on a memory stick. It's the perfect combination for a reformed u/w photographer.


All video editing is done on a Macintosh (yes, Bill finally converted...but only for this) using Final Cut Studio 2.0 HD.