Triton Images - U/W Photo Instruction
"bringing a bit of magic to stock photography"

Are you interested in shooting things underwater that DON'T involve weapons?  Are you interested in showing others all the INCREDIBLE animals, shipwrecks, and scenery you've seen underwater?  Are you comfortable with your buoyancy control underwater?

If you've answered "yes" to these questions, underwater photography may be for you!  Allow us to spend one and1/2 days with you to cover the basics of underwater photography.  You provide the camera, we provide the training!  We'll spend the first day on camera and photography basics.  Then we'll spend the next morning applying what you've learned by shooting a few rolls of film underwater!  Finally, after lunch, we'll examine our work to see the results.  You'll come away from an exciting weekend with new knowledge of our underwater environment, your camera, photography basics, and even a  PADI  Underwater Photography Specialty certification !

For information on advancing your dive training or learning underwater photography, E-mail Triton Images today!