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PADI Underwater Wedding
A PADI Distinctive Specialty unique to Triton Images! 

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You've made the decision to get married.  But you're the adventerous type.
Or maybe you're just a bit non-conformist. 

Bottom line, you simply don't want a church wedding

In fact, you want something different.  You don't want roses, a church, or any of the more
traditional elements of a wedding.

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You want FUN.  And what better way to have fun than an underwater wedding!  Bill
is not only a legally ordained Reverend, but a PADI Master Instructor.  By
combining those two credentials, Reverend Bill is now the only PADI instructor who can actually
marry you underwater AND give you a PADI Distinctive Specialty certification for it!

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Of course, this means that by planning an underwater wedding, you'll be certifiable.    So NOW
when the relatives state you're certifiable for wanting to get married underwater...
you'll be able to calmly agree.  :-)

Allow Reverend Bill to marry you in the calm, serene waters of your favorite dive site...Maui (getting "Maui'd"),
Key Largo, Monterey....or maybe the swift currents of Cozumel or Palau is more your style?  

It doesn't matter...what better way to start a new life together than by celebrating it in the water,
surrounded by the environment you love?

Contact Reverend Bill today  to arrange your underwater wedding at your favorite dive site!

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 This page last modified on May 22, 2003