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My Job

I am sr director, marketing at Collins Computing, one of the nations
leading value added resellers (VAR) of the Microsoft Dynamics business
management line of software.

In my all-too-rare freetime, chances are I'm doing this , when I'm not
making feeble attempts to raise
acorns ... .

My biggest hobby is diving.  I live for  underwater photography, but am capable of thinking
of other things (albeit, rarely).  I own
Triton Images, a company that specializes in custom
 underwater photography, dive training, and underwater photography training. I also own
Digital Keepsake, a company that specializes in photography and videography of
events that create lasting memories (weddings, corporate events, concerts, etc).

I am member #16917R of the International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO).
I'm also a member of the National Eagle Scout Association, as well as a legally

ordained Reverend in the Universal Life Church (yes, I'm Reverend Bill).

I am a PADI Course Director (Instructor Trainer), Medic 1st Aid Instructor
and Emergency First Response Instructor/Instructor Trainer,   DAN O2 Provider/
Hazardous Marine Life Injuries/AED/Advanced O2/
Remote Emergency Medical O2 (REMO2)/Basic Life Support for Divers/
DES and Neurological Assessment Instructor/Instructor Trainer,
PSI Equipment Certified, Dive Accident Mgmt Certified, and
authorized as an Instructor/Instructor Trainer in
the following additional 
PADI courses and specialties:

Open Water Diver Advanced Open Water Rescue Divemaster
Skin Diver  Bubblemaker Seal Team Master Scuba Diver
Dry Suit Diver Project A.W.A.R.E. Deep Diver Wreck Diver
O2 1st Aid U/W Navigator Night Diver Drift Diver
Digital U/W Photographer Multilevel Diver EAN Diver (Nitrox) U/W Naturalist
Peak Performance Buoyancy Boat Diver Equipment Specialist Underwater Wedding  
Kelp Diver Safety Signer Kayak Diver Underwater Hunter
Search and Recovery Diver Altitude Diver Gas Blender U/W Videographer
National Geographic Diver DPV Diver HMLI AED For Divers

In addition, I'm certified with SDI as an Open Water Scuba Instructor, and authorized
to teach the above specialties, as well as Solo Diver, under the SDI umbrella. 
Finally, I'm an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor.

Here I am doing a rescue assessment for the  PADI Rescue course  in Key Largo, FL!

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You can reach me at:
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 "These are a few of my favorite things...." 

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A final thought....from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (which has NOTHING
to do with Zen <or> motorcycle maintenance).

   You see things vacationing on a motorcycle in a way that is
   completely different from any other.  In a car you're always
   in a compartment, and because you're  used to it you don't
   realize that through that car window everything you see is
  just more TV. You're a passive observer and it is all moving
  by you boringly in a frame.

  On a cycle the frame is gone.  You're completely in contact
  with it all.  You're  in the scene, not just watching it anymore,
  and the sense of presence is overwhelming. That concrete
  whizzing by five inches below your foot is the real thing, the
  same stuff you walk on, it's right there, so blurred you can't
  focus  on it, yet you can put your foot down and touch it
  anytime. and the whole thing, the whole experience, is never
  removed from immediate consciousness.

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