The Kids
We got SUCH a great deal on these shades at Kmart!
The extended family includes Amy, Ryan, and Nathan...
all GREAT kids, and all think they're about 10 years older
than they are (funny how that works).

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Vroom! Vroom!

She likes me! She really likes me!

Umm...we're studying...yeah..dat's it! Dat's da ticket!

Amy and Ryan - showing
GREAT taste.   1998

Amy and Nathan at Epcot,  Xmas Day 1998

Ryan and Nathan, flying home from FL,
January, 1999

Marine World 1997

Marine World, 1998

Amy and Ryan hamming it up

Not sure if he's pulling Bill out or pushing him in.  1996

Whichever it was, he got some help.  1998

Amy and Ryan in a rare moment of not expressing
sibling rivalry.  1999 do we get off?

Big Kahuna Surf Lessons

I'm dreaming of a Maui Xmas!

The fam go on a ride
with their exchange student, Nadja.   2000

Hanging with THE Big
Kahuna.  2000

Santa, Hawaii style.  2000

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