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A Highland Wedding

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Isn't she beautiful?

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It was a foggy day (a day now known as "BLC Day") in the mystical Enchanted Forest in the highlands
of Moss Beach, where one Ms. Carrie Prewitt called into question
her sanity by uttering the words "I do".

Works for Bill :-)


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She looks worried, he looks like he scored...

A moment of her thinking
"WHAT did I just do?"   
Garter?  What garter? Not that size matters.....

Not given to me by the Lady from the Lake, though....

'cause ya just can't have a Scottish wedding without one!

Family by inheritance....

Excalibur - to protect Bill's
fair maiden
Aye, laddie - now be a
good lad and lissen to da
piper blow....
Here's the story..of a man
named...oh, let's not go

Quality manufacturing - made in Elbonia.

If you don't like your couch, just rebuild it!

A VERY cool room!

The wedding night was spent
at the
Hotel Triton ....a...shall
we say...eclectic place?
One of the more normal
furnishings at the Triton.
The Wyland Suite at the
Triton - hand decorated by
the man himself!

The important stuff....

Ain't it the cutest thang?

We even behaved on this one!

The Reception buffett layout....

Hmmm...a bit TOO
representative of their life

The happy couple cutting
the cake....

Perhaps we should have cut off the booze after this toast...

The sad thing is...no drugs were consumed to create this site....

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A toast to the new family... And the party gets going...
LONG after the guests
have left...
Jimmy da lounge lizard works
the babes.....

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