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Bill and Carrie's travels can be broken into three categories:
- Diving
- Getting away on the bike
-Family getaways
With that in mind, below you'll find some of their trips, with some of the views that they had a chance to gaze on.


A family Xmas in Hawaii
Hawaii 2001

Lost Coast Tour 2003
Lost Coast Tour 2003

Rocky Mountain Tour 2005
Rockies Tour 2005

Fiji/Vanuatu 2006

Rev. Bill's
Pilgrimage 2K

A family Xmas in Hawaii

Route 66 - 1999
Route 66 via the East 2001

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Ireland 2001

Route 66 - 1999
Route 66 1999

Bill's Surprise party (and what a surprise it was!)
Bill's 40th, '99

Ya put the lime in da coconut, and drink it all up...
Honeymoon 1999

Route 66 - 2000
Route 66 2K

Christmas in Hawaii!
Carrie's 1st Hawaii Xmas 1997

Grand Cayman 1998

Disney Xmas
A Disney Xmas 1998

Hawaii '99 - Quota Plus, Novell
Hawaii '99

Humpback giving a finslap
Whaling Walls

Off to see the lizard
New Orleans and Key West

Wine Country Safari
Wine Country

Let's go cruising!
Cruising on the bike

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